More fun

Here's another one done to relax.
I threw some photo's together and just started mindlessly painting with this
piece as a result.
Really enjoyed having no boundaries of what I could do!


Did this one inbetween school assignments to relax.
Hope you also like it :)

Again done in Corel Painter
(I really need to start painting in photoshop again :P)

Character design assignment

This is the result of a character design assignment from school.
Wasn't easy since we're only learning anatomy for a couple of weeks, but I guess it came out ok.
The assignment was to create a character with extraordanairy evolved muscles.

The lineart is done with pencil on paper and the painting in Corel Painter.


A quick painting I did for a school assignment.
Really had fun with this one! We had to create a style and I used this guy to show it.