Brush testing

I've downloaded some new brushes with this crappy image as a result.
I jus thought it would be fun to show :P

Aquarel thumbnails

Here are three aquarel thumbnails I did for an assignment. I had tons of fun with these three! I think I'm going to try and regularly paint in it.


Here's the result of a quick assignment we had to do for our character design class.
The assignment was to design an armor for a person in the future on a planet where it's over 50 degrees celcius. Also a maxum of 30% was allowed to be coverd and there had to be a sort of cooling system (in my case the piece around the neck pushing the air away).
Anyway, I had fun doing this again and hope it looks a bit good :)
I've also added the thumbnails done for it.

Aquarel robot

This is a small painting I did as an example of style for a school assignment.
Had loads of fun with this one! I really can't wait to start working on my final painting!

Here's also a sketch I did on the train, wich also was alot of fun :P
Damn, looks like I can't stop having fun painting and drawing this weekend :D

Sniper assignment

Here are a couple of thumbnails I did for a school assignment for character design.
We have to design a femal sniper on a hot planet with angular design.
Really had fun with the second set of thumbs!


Here are a couple of thumbnails I did to look for a specific design for
some mountains/rocks.

Really had fun with these!

More fun

Here's another one done to relax.
I threw some photo's together and just started mindlessly painting with this
piece as a result.
Really enjoyed having no boundaries of what I could do!


Did this one inbetween school assignments to relax.
Hope you also like it :)

Again done in Corel Painter
(I really need to start painting in photoshop again :P)

Character design assignment

This is the result of a character design assignment from school.
Wasn't easy since we're only learning anatomy for a couple of weeks, but I guess it came out ok.
The assignment was to create a character with extraordanairy evolved muscles.

The lineart is done with pencil on paper and the painting in Corel Painter.


A quick painting I did for a school assignment.
Really had fun with this one! We had to create a style and I used this guy to show it.

Oxygen Pack - Thumbs 2

Here's my iterations on nr. 3 of the previous thumbnail sheet.
I'm not sure wich one I'll be working out in 3D or if I'll do some more iterations.

Oxygen Pack - Thumbs

A couple of thumbnails for an oxygen pack I would like to make in 3D as an excercise.
Since my 3D-skills need some real practicing and polishing!
I'm probably going for nr. 2, 3 or 4 to start iterating on.


A painting to start off my holiday in fun!
Really enjoyed doin this one and I'm really happy with the result!
It's fully done in Corel Painter X3 and took me an afternoon to make.

Character design

Here is the result of my first character design assignment.
Really had alot of fun with it!

Skull sketch

After my first 3 hours of skull drawing with charcoal today at school, I just had to draw one befor I go to bed. It's not correct or super good looking, but I'm surprised it came out like that.

This is again done in Corel Painter X3 and I only used the Real 6B Soft Pencil for this one.

Inktober - Day 10

 Day 10 of Inktober! Also the birthday of one of my best friends!
Sorry for the quality, no scanner again.
Had real fun with this one! He was drawn pretty quick and felt more natural/organic
then  I had expected.

Inktober - Day 9

No great photo, but I had no scanner available today.
This one went quick and was really fun to draw! Probably a bit weird,
but I like it :) 

Inktober - Day 8

A new day of Inktober, the 8th to be exactly. 
I'm much more happy with the result of today! Probably because
I used my marker first, as I said yesterday. It really helped me loosen up more.

Inktober - Day 7

7th day of Inktober! 
I'm not really happy with the last couple of sketches. Next time I think I'll be using a marker first, so I'll be able to really first think about what I'll be drawing.
For the mean time, here's the 7th :)

Inktober - Day - 6

Day 6 of Inktober, I made a sketch, but it's probably not one of my better sketches :P
I've just started learning anatomy and the human figure, so I figured I'd give it a try.

Inktober - Day 3 - 4 - 5

Didn't have acces to a scanner in the last few days, but I did continue!
So here are they! 
Nothing special, just fun to draw.

Inktober - Day 2

Second day of Inktober!
Nothing really great, but I made a sketch and enjoyed it! 

Again the link to the one who started this event:

InkTober - Day 1

A couple of weeks ago I found this even called InkTober, by Mr Jake Parker.
It's basically pushing you to make an ink drawing every day of October and post it online.
Here's my first drawing of the series and wish me luck to get through this!

If you want some more info you can find it here at Mr Jake Parker's page:

Space ship sketch

Doing a quick spaceship sketch on my first day of school.
Having lots of fun again! :)

Gouache painting

A small gouache painting I did today in my sketchbook. It's not great, but I like it :)

Falling tree

The result of trying out some different brush settings and using the palette knife.

Weird Bunny

Just a weird bunny that I drew for fun :P

Head practice

I'm feeling frustrated I can't draw descent heads from my imagination. So I decided to practice from reference using
This is my first result, done in Painter using a simple pen.


Train sketch

A sketch I did on the train going to my girlfriend. It isn't bery clean, but I like it :)


Here's the final result of all my previous work. (apart from the last thumbnails)
I'm not so pleased with it, but I'm calling it done.

Here are the thumbnails I did before.

More thumbnails! :D

And again, I'm thumbnailing.
This time trying to create an environment without any human structures in it. It's something I'm not used to and find difficult, but it's loads of fun. And practice makes perfect, so I'll keep drawing them. I've also noticed I get bored really quick when I don't get out of my comfort zone. It appears it's something I really love doing.

Adding some color

Adding color to my value-painting and also adding some smaller details.
I also have the feeling something is wrong with my perspective, but I haven't managed to find what it is exactly.


Trying out to work with the textures and possibilaties in Corel Painter X3.
Really enjoying the learning process and the playing with the million options Painter has.
Here's a quick result.

Rezzing up

Rezzed up one of my thumbnailes to do some first cleanup.
Also staying in black and white so I don't lose focus on the design part 
and also get a good lighting.

Right now I think the mountains above his head have too strong highlights.
The long parts sticking out of the tower/city also might need some stuff on there to make things a little more interesting.


Iterations on a previous  thumbnail and also chosen one I will work out larger.
Getting more used to Painter and all its detailed features.


Doing some thumbnailing to get my drawing skills back up to level after the holiday.
Also trying to get out of my comfort zone by trying to lay the design focus on environment instead of the design of a vehicle.


Warming up

Doing some drawing to warm up after a long and good holiday in Portugal.


Seapeopleman sketch

Doing some sketching in between my holiday job at a festival.
Trying some small cloth and still doing more organic stuff to get out of that comfort zone.


My ladybug

Did a quick design off of a ladybug and painted it out.
Still trying to go out of my comfort-zone of spaceships and metal stuff and trying out more organic stuff.
Also still getting used to Corel Painter.

Here are the sketches and the colered painting.

Puffin study

Study done from a picture using Corel Painter X3.
Also getting more used to the interface and brushes of Painter.
And ofcourse enjoying it more and more!

Graduation Results

Got my results today and heard I passed every course and passed my favourite with the highest grade! :D

1st year at DAE(digitalarts and entertainment)...check!

Dragon sketch with Corel Painter

Still getting used to working with Corel Painter and also trying out some stuff out of my comfort zone.