Here's the final result of all my previous work. (apart from the last thumbnails)
I'm not so pleased with it, but I'm calling it done.

Here are the thumbnails I did before.

More thumbnails! :D

And again, I'm thumbnailing.
This time trying to create an environment without any human structures in it. It's something I'm not used to and find difficult, but it's loads of fun. And practice makes perfect, so I'll keep drawing them. I've also noticed I get bored really quick when I don't get out of my comfort zone. It appears it's something I really love doing.

Adding some color

Adding color to my value-painting and also adding some smaller details.
I also have the feeling something is wrong with my perspective, but I haven't managed to find what it is exactly.


Trying out to work with the textures and possibilaties in Corel Painter X3.
Really enjoying the learning process and the playing with the million options Painter has.
Here's a quick result.

Rezzing up

Rezzed up one of my thumbnailes to do some first cleanup.
Also staying in black and white so I don't lose focus on the design part 
and also get a good lighting.

Right now I think the mountains above his head have too strong highlights.
The long parts sticking out of the tower/city also might need some stuff on there to make things a little more interesting.


Iterations on a previous  thumbnail and also chosen one I will work out larger.
Getting more used to Painter and all its detailed features.


Doing some thumbnailing to get my drawing skills back up to level after the holiday.
Also trying to get out of my comfort zone by trying to lay the design focus on environment instead of the design of a vehicle.


Warming up

Doing some drawing to warm up after a long and good holiday in Portugal.