Brush testing

I've downloaded some new brushes with this crappy image as a result.
I jus thought it would be fun to show :P

Aquarel thumbnails

Here are three aquarel thumbnails I did for an assignment. I had tons of fun with these three! I think I'm going to try and regularly paint in it.


Here's the result of a quick assignment we had to do for our character design class.
The assignment was to design an armor for a person in the future on a planet where it's over 50 degrees celcius. Also a maxum of 30% was allowed to be coverd and there had to be a sort of cooling system (in my case the piece around the neck pushing the air away).
Anyway, I had fun doing this again and hope it looks a bit good :)
I've also added the thumbnails done for it.

Aquarel robot

This is a small painting I did as an example of style for a school assignment.
Had loads of fun with this one! I really can't wait to start working on my final painting!

Here's also a sketch I did on the train, wich also was alot of fun :P
Damn, looks like I can't stop having fun painting and drawing this weekend :D

Sniper assignment

Here are a couple of thumbnails I did for a school assignment for character design.
We have to design a femal sniper on a hot planet with angular design.
Really had fun with the second set of thumbs!


Here are a couple of thumbnails I did to look for a specific design for
some mountains/rocks.

Really had fun with these!