Puffin study

Study done from a picture using Corel Painter X3.
Also getting more used to the interface and brushes of Painter.
And ofcourse enjoying it more and more!

Graduation Results

Got my results today and heard I passed every course and passed my favourite with the highest grade! :D

1st year at DAE(digitalarts and entertainment)...check!

Dragon sketch with Corel Painter

Still getting used to working with Corel Painter and also trying out some stuff out of my comfort zone.


Past time sketches

Here are some sketches and paintings I did in my past time during the last few months


Corel Painter X3

Got Corel Painter X3 and am loving the feel of all the brushes!
Also got motivated to work with it by one of my teachers at school.
Here's my first short painting with it :)

Exam preproduction 2

Here's the continuation of my previous post.
The result of an all-nighter for my exam of preproduction.

My first art blogpost

As my first blogpost I thought I'd start of with some thumbnails
for my final assignment for school.